Building A Future

Building A Future is a series of classes designed to teach essential life skills and includes a wide range of topics from goal setting and legal rights to housing resources and nutrition on a budget. Our Building A Future classes are free and are available to all Damien Center clients, however, clients receiving housing support are required to attend. Clients are highly encouraged to RSVP for the classes with their Care Coordinator or by contacting Jeremy Turner, Director of Supportive Services at or 317-632-0123 ext. 254.

Building A Future classes are taught by professionals in their area of expertise along with staff at The Damien Center. People in the community are welcome to assist us by teaching a class in a specialized area. Class topics are flexible; even if your expertise doesn't quite fit into one of the current course titles, we also hold a monthly class with special topics.  If you are Interested in volunteering to teach a class, contact us at or 317-632-0123 ext. 269.

Visit our calendar to see when classes will be held!

Budgeting and Expense Choices

Budgeting is an important tool for any household. Our Budgeting and Expense Choices class offers tips and tools to help you stretch your income, prioritize expenses, and start saving today.

Goal Setting

Setting reasonable and attainable goals is key to getting healthy, being successful in a job, and so much more. During the Goal Setting class, our team guides you through exercises that put your goals and dreams into an action plan that works for you.

HIV 101: Life After Diagnosis

This is not your normal HIV 101 class. This class focuses on what happens after someone finds out his or her HIV+ status. Topics include the importance of finding a medical provider, staying in care, attending ongoing appointments with your Care Coordinator, and accessing other community resources.

Housing Resources

Our Housing Resources class focuses on a variety of housing options available to you. Whether you're transitioning off of long-term housing assistance and in need of further assistance, or just looking for more affordable housing options, our Housing Resources class can help. Our trained professionals will discuss the availability of Section 8, Section 42, Senior Living, and other supportive housing options.

Income and Employment Resources

Our Income and Employment Resources class focuses on your search for new employment. This class helps you determine household income needs and discuss new career goals and how to achieve them. Improve your resume, learn interview skills, and access employment resources with this class.

Job Enrichment Resources

If you are interested in advancing with your current employer or finding a new job opportunity, Job Enrichment Resources is a place to discuss keys to finding employment success.

Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Understanding complicated legal processes can be a challenge. Our Legal Rights and Responsibilities class is taught by attorneys who help our clients with a variety of legal services. From Living Wills to questions about removing prior convictions, our attorneys are here to help.


Proper nutrition is vital to our clients’ health. Nutrition-On-A-Budget focuses on topics related to healthy eating, from learning how to properly read nutrition labels to the impact of a fast food diet. If eating healthier is one of your goals, you won't want to miss this class!

Peer Support

Our Peer Support group is an open forum that allows you to speak about any topics that are important to you. Attendees often discuss managing medication side effects, the challenges of dating and disclosing one's HIV+ status, and current events related to HIV.

Substance Use and Recovery

Substance use can be a major barrier to maintaining stable housing and staying healthy. Our Substance Use and Recovery group gives clients an opportunity to share struggles and successes related to their recovery. Facilitated by our addiction counselors, Substance Use and Recovery is a safe place to discuss challenges many of our clients face every day.