Dining Out For Life

Thursday, April 25th, 2019



Join us in celebrating 25 years of Dining Out For Life on April 25th! Dozens of bars and restaurants across the Indianapolis area are participating and we hope you will join us as ambassadors, diners, donors, and advocates.

Dining Out For Life is made possible by the dozens of participating local restaurants, bars, and breweries. On April 25, 2019, all participating locations will donate a generous portion of their proceeds to The Damien Center. The generosity of our restaurants, donors, and Ambassadors will help us continue to lead the fight against HIV in Indiana.


Not only does it feel great to give back, but Dining Out For Life makes it easier than ever. Simply dine out at one (or more) of our participating locations on April 25, 2019. No coupons or vouchers are necessary – our partner restaurants have already agreed to give a portion of their sales on April 25. If you are feeling generous, Ambassadors will be stationed at each restaurant and can assist you in making an additional gift to The Damien Center.

If you’re reading this and want to go above and beyond just eating out on April 25, we invite you to participate as a Dining Out For Life Ambassador! Ambassadors are our all-star volunteers who spend a few hours on April 25 at one of our participating locations. Our Ambassadors are trained to advocate for the cause and help raise money for Damien. If this sounds a little overwhelming – don’t worry! If you can commit to one training session and a shift on the day of the event, we’ll give you to the knowledge, a script, and a plan to be successful. To get started as a Dining Out For Life Ambassador, sign-up here!

And to any restaurant owners or potential sponsors who may be reading? Your participation is critical in this amazing fundraising event. In exchange for your generosity, we will meet or exceed many marketing benefits by securing millions of media impressions around the city. This, coupled with an Ambassador at your location, will drive extra traffic to your location on the day of the event! And besides the warm feeling you’ll get from knowing you’re doing something great for the community, our participating locations often report they are even busier than normal on the day of Dining Out For Life and see many of those customers return throughout the year.