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How to Access Services Linkage

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Care Coordination

Care Coordination provides specialty case management for people affected or infected with HIV.
  • There is no cost for care coordination.
  • If you are HIV+, you can automatically access all of our services.

The goal of Care Coordination is to link our clients with the medical care and other services they need. Clients are typically seen at The Damien Center, but visits to your home, hospital, or nursing home are also available.

We serve approximately 1,300 clients per year of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. Our Care Coordinators have a diverse background to suit any need. Our Care Coordinators have extensive experience in infectious diseases, children with HIV, substance abuse, mental health, cultural barriers, and much more. We have a Latina Care Coordinator available for any client with Hispanic needs. Interpreters for other languages can be requested.