On Februray 27, 2020, the Damien Center and Damien Cares will be closed for an all-staff training. Walgreens Pharmacy can be accessed through the west parking lot entrance. Normal hours to resume on February 28, 2020.

Winter Weather: With low temperatures in Indianapolis, please call 211 if you are in need of warm shelter or non-emergency services. Additionally, if you are a client of Damien and need help connecting to these services, please contact our team at (317) 632-0123.

CLEAR Counseling Services

CLEAR Counseling is a free risk-reduction counseling service that provides individuals (16+) with a safe, confidential place to discuss concerns, receive emotional support, and set goals to reduce risk and improve overall well-being. CLEAR Counseling is available at Damien Center for both HIV+ and HIV- individuals.

Our approach to risk reduction and health promotion is effective at helping high-risk individuals reduce their risk factors and keeping both themselves and their partners safe and healthy.

What is considered high risk? An individual is considered to be at high risk for acquiring or transmitting HIV when they have engaged in any of the following behaviors in the last 90 days:

  • Had sex without a condom, especially with multiple partners
  • Received an HIV or STI diagnosis
  • Had difficulty disclosing HIV status to sex partners
  • Shared needles or syringes
  • Had sex with someone with an unknown HIV status
  • Had sex with someone whose HIV status is different than their own
  • Had sex while drunk or high
  • Exchanged sex for money, drugs or something of value
  • Had difficulty taking HIV medications as prescribed by their medical providers

Anyone who has experienced any of these risk factors is encouraged to schedule an appointment with our CLEAR Counselor by calling 317-510-6459 or emailing​.