Client Care & Services

Damien Center offers HIV+ patients a comprehensive approach to wellness. Linkage to Care connects clients with the care they need and helps them overcome barriers to care – such as transportation or insurance – while our other services provide HIV resources and support. 

Our one-stop-shop approach allows patients to access programs and services all under one roof, from medical care and counseling to housing support and our food pantry.

Our programs and services help reduce the HIV viral load (the amount of HIV in the body) and increase CD4 levels (the amount of healthy, immune-boosting cells in the body) in our patients' bodies, improving both their health and the larger community. For people living with HIV, working toward holistic wellness requires a comprehensive approach. Our services help patients lower their viral loads while also emphasizing the benefits of consistent housing, strong nutrition, stable mental health, individualized support, and overall wellness.

Damien Center is dedicated to addressing each patient’s full range of needs. When patients are stable in all areas of their lives, they're better able to maintain the medical treatment that leads to undetectable viral loads. With this goal in mind, our approach provides convenient access to a wide range of programs and services, all tailored to meet each patient's unique needs.

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How Do I Access Care

If you test positive for HIV, we're here to support you and welcome you to access care with us. Our Linkage to Care Specialists are your link to all of our resources and support.

Linkage to Care

Medical Services

On-site HIV medical care provided by Damien Cares makes it easy to get and stay in care, and our compassionate providers will put you at ease while providing top-quality care based on your needs.

Clinic |  Medical Case Management

Counseling Services

Our friendly, compassionate, licensed counselors provide a supportive, client-centered approach so that our patients can work toward self-sufficiency and a long-term treatment plan.

Mental Health |  Substance Abuse


Additional Services

Food Pantry

Meeting basic nutritional needs is critical for those living with HIV, and may already face challenging circumstances. Proper nutrition is a key component in helping our patients achieve their desired health outcomes.

Housing & Emergency Assistance

We believe that housing is healthcare. Housing and Emergency Financial Assistance allow our patients to access safe, affordable housing and supportive services that promote stability and enhance quality of life.

Care Coordination

Our Care Coordinators provide specialty case management for people affected by or infected with HIV. A Care Coordinator will help you access medical care, housing support, and other services and programs we offer.

Legal Services

Legal services allow our patients to address needs ranging from preparing documents to accessing eligible benefits.

Client Events

Damien Center hosts several social events for our clients throughout the year, from our annual summer picnic and holiday party, to kid-focused fun and family activities.

Building a Future

Our classes are designed to reach essential skill and include a wide range of topics from goal setting and legal rights to housing resources and nutrition. Building a Future is free to clients.