The Damien CenterDamien Cares, and Walgreens will be closed on December 24th-December 26th and December 31st-January 1st. Normal hours to resume January 2nd. 

Testing Hours: The Joseph F. Miller Testing Center will be closed on December 22nd. Additionally, on December 21st and December 28th, we will only be conducting HIV tests (no STI testing). Normal hour to resume on January 2nd. 

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Community outreach plays a key role in delivering prevention services to our community. While we offer a variety of services at The Damien Center, our staff also provides testing and education services throughout the city. Whether testing off-site, attending health fairs, or providing education to classrooms, our Prevention Specialists are equipped to provide a high-quality testing experience in addition to up-to-date information regarding HIV prevention strategies.

We also provide testing services at a variety of locations throughout Central Indiana. Two Saturdays each month, one of our testing counselors provides rapid response, oral HIV testing at area Walgreens locations. We also work closely with local agencies and community partners to provide one-minute HIV tests to our homeless neighbors living in camps and on the streets. Other collaborative testing partners include jails/prisons, substance abuse treatment facilities, and agencies that provide services to populations at highest risk for HIV infection.

Community education serves as an important prevention tool and helps to reduce the stigma surrounding HIV and STIs. Our HIV specialists work with community partners to tailor presentations for any size group. We provide relevant, population-specific messages that educate and aim to reduce participants’ risks of getting infected. 

If you are interested in having a prevention message delivered to your group or organization, please contact us at 317.632.0123 ext. 249 or for more information.