On Februray 27, 2020, the Damien Center and Damien Cares will be closed for an all-staff training. Walgreens Pharmacy can be accessed through the west parking lot entrance. Normal hours to resume on February 28, 2020.

Winter Weather: With low temperatures in Indianapolis, please call 211 if you are in need of warm shelter or non-emergency services. Additionally, if you are a client of Damien and need help connecting to these services, please contact our team at (317) 632-0123.

Counseling Services

Overall wellness includes managing your mental health, in addition to your physical health.  We offer Mental Health Counseling, Substance Abuse Counseling, and Comprehensive Risk Counseling services to supplement and support the other programs that our clients are engaged in.

Our team of dedicated, trained, and qualified counselors have a wealth of experience and training and support our clients as they seek overall wellness. Damien Center also offers psychiatric care to our clients who are enrolled in counseling services. 

Clients can access any of our counseling services by contacting their Care Coordinator, whether at Damien Center or another care site. 

Don't have a Care Coordinator? Get connected to care through our Linkage to Care team. 

Mental Health Services

Using supportive techniques, our licensed counselors help our clients understand and overcome obstacles to mental health and achieve overall wellness.

Substance Abuse Services

Substance Abuse Counseling helps our clients identify areas of concern, develop strategies to improve chemical health, and implement a plan to increase overall wellness.

CLEAR Counseling Services

CLEAR Counseling is a free risk-reduction counseling service that provides individuals with a safe, confidential place to discuss concerns, receive emotional support, and set goals to reduce risk and improve overall well-being. CLEAR Counseling is available at Damien Center for both HIV+ and HIV- individuals.

Support Groups

Our support groups offer HIV+ individuals the opportunity to connect with other clients in similar situations and build a support network. Clients do not need to be engaged in counseling services to access our support groups.