This is why the Damien Center is here. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for the Damien Center’s services has increased and will continue to do so afterward. Our clients and patients are among the most likely people in our community to experience negative fallout. Many have medical risk factors, and many—often at the same time—face economic insecurity. An increasing number, through no fault of their own, will find themselves without the ability to pay for rent or food or medicine.

Where it is possible, programs are going online. Where it is not, services are adapting and new initiatives have started from scratch. Every program’s goal is to continue to reach clients and to make sure that their needs are met—whether for medical care, food, housing, financial assistance, mental health services, testing, or something else. Click here to learn a few ways in which support has allowed us to adapt and provide services in a typical week.

Hear from staff about ways we are adapting in order to continue to provide critical services to our clients that depend on us.

Alan Witchey, President and CEO of the Damien Center.

This organization has a history of being a lifeline for people who don't have any other options, and we are continuing that legacy by keeping critical client services running through this crisis.

Nick Brown, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counselor

"My number one job is the emotional wellbeing of our clients," says Nick Brown. "People are scared ... this is especially true for people who are disproportionately impacted by medical or economic crises."

Anne Waxingmoon, HIV/STD Testing Program Manager, Clear Counselor

"We are taking phone calls from the community to provide one to one consultations. ...we provide peace of mind, an action plan, and any needed safety supplies... We are still here for you Indianapolis!" 

Taylor Smith, Care Coordiantion Program Manager
Alexandra Marshall, Care Coordiantion Program Manager
Carrie O'Brien, Medical Case Manager

"Our team has been working diligently to find new and creative ways to continue to care for our clients."

Jeff Kim, Nurse Practitioner

"The number one goal is to continue to provide healthcare to our patients and our community."

Tyne Parlett, Housing Program Manager
Sean Seager, Housing Services Quality Assurance Specialist

"We are going to be here for our clients."

Check back for more ways in which we are adapting to serve our community's needs!

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