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Although there is no cure for HIV, modern prevention practices can help to stop the spread of the virus. We believe in empowering choices through education and offer the resources and support needed to reduce your risk of contracting HIV.

Through services like testing, CLEAR counseling, and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), we can reduce the spread of HIV and other STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and improve the health of our community.

Activities like engaging in oral, vaginal, or anal sex, sex without a condom, sex with multiple partners, sex with anonymous partners, or sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol increase a person's risk for acquiring STIs and HIV. At Damien Center, we empower individuals to make positive choices that reduce their risk of infection through a variety of approaches, from medical treatment to mental health counseling.

While abstinence is the only way to eliminate the risk of contracting HIV and STIs, other prevention tools, like counseling, prophylactic use, and medications, are very effective at keeping people sexually healthy. Our prevention team works individually with each patient to develop a strategy that meets their unique health needs. Our services are free and confidential, and in most cases do not require an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome!

HIV Prevention Information

Protect yourself and your partner, get safer sex tips, and learn about current methods to prevent the spread of HIV. Meet with a prevention team member to learn more about your personal risk profile and find out how modern prevention practices can fit your lifestyle.



Medications to treat HIV are also used by HIV negative people to avoid contracting the virus. Pre- and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP and PEP) represent a new medical approach to preventing the spread of HIV infection. We can answer your PrEP and PEP questions and connect you with health care providers who are prescribing the treatment.

Learn about PrEP

Learn about PEP


Have questions about preventing the spread of HIV? Our FAQs will teach you the basics, plus answer your most pressing questions.

Programs & Outreach

Our Prevention team spends time with individuals and community groups, helping individuals at high risk for contracting HIV reduce their risk and stay negative.