Are you out of care? Linkage to Care can help.

navigating the system is tricky

We'll help you understand your HIV diagnosis and help get you connected to care. Our team can assist with transportation to and from medical appointments, help you understand your doctor's recommendations, help you understand your medication and how to take it, and assist in gathering documents to get free and reduced-price coverage.

We're here to help

Our Linkage to Care services are available free of charge. Please contact us today to get linked with care so you can be positive about your health! Our team accepts referrals from all other AIDS Service Organizations, probation officers, providers, community agencies and clinics, and self-referrals. 

Meet our team

  • I love being able to bridge the gap between my clients and their HIV care. For a lot of clients, they may lack the resources that allow them to engage in care. When I’m able to empower clients with the tools to break through barriers, it means the world to me.

    Nikki Nance
    Linkage to Care Program Specialist
  • I know what it’s like when life got in the way of my routine medical care. I wish I had someone to call to help me get back on schedule. I’m grateful I can be the person to call to help you.

    David Green
    Linkage to Care Program Manager
  • Working with clients, it is easier to understand people if you see them in yourself.

    Anthony Pastrick
    Linkage to Care Specialist
  • “Joining the Damien Center has been an honor and has enabled me to not only help people in serious need, but to give back to my community”.

    Mike Coriaty
    Linkage to Care Specialist

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