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September 24, 2013

Costume Ideas: The Disco Ball Edition

Here's the thing about fashion in the 1970s: it was all about personal expression. Brocade mini dress from Oscar de la Renta more your style than a gold, bell-bottom jumpsuit? Great. Rather sport a Farrah Fawcett feather than a fab afro? No problem. That's what we love about the '70s!

That's also what makes crafting a costume for this year's Grande Masquerade: Disco Ball a fashion challenge. But designers? We're gonna make it work. We've been pinning the heck out of disco hair, fashion, and makeup in hopes of helping all of us find the perfect-for-you disco look. A few of our favorites come from iconic 1970s looks, so keep reading for some serious costume inspiration. All the links below go back to our Disco Pinterest board, so click away!

  • Gentlemen! We have not forgotten you. MENSWEAR was as diverse in the disco era as it is now, but with a whole lot more bell bottoms going on. We love the fitted-yet-flared look of these formal tuxes, while bold patterns, colors, and again, shiny pants, were also awesomely popular during the '70s. And really, let's not pretend like we're not inspired by this guy.
So, are you feeling better, disco divas? Stay tuned for another installment of our Costume Ideas blog post, and until then, stay groovy!