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May 21, 2019Client Stories

Dave's Story


"Your gift makes the clients of the Damien Center feel like we're not forgotten—that we're not overlooked or less than."

Meet one of these clients, Dave, whose access to care at Damien Center was made possible through the support of community members like you. Dave dreamed of leaving his job in corporate America to start a business of his own. But in order to do so, he had to secure one thing: health insurance. Diagnosed with HIV in 2012, Dave knew he could not afford his $3,000-a-month medication on his own. He also knew he could not go without his prescription.

At Damien Center, Dave not only enrolled in the insurance he needed to afford his medication, but he also found a primary care physician and mental health counseling to help him continue navigating recovery from drug addiction. Today, Dave’s HIV level is considered undetectable, meaning the amount of HIV in the blood is so low that it is untransmittable, preventing its spread. To maintain an undetectable status and a healthy, vibrant life, Dave receives ongoing treatment, including regular medication adherence and blood tests every three to six months.

Your donation not only assists Damien Center and our programming but touches the lives of each one of our clients. As Dave would like to share, “your gift makes people who are clients of Damien Center feel like we're not forgotten—like we're not overlooked or less than." Simply put, you create positive life changes for thousands of Hoosiers, like Dave, through your contribution.

Please consider making a gift today.