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February 28, 2013

Dining Out for Life Social Roundup

With Dining Out for Life less than two months away, we thought you might start wondering where on the interwebs all this Dine Out Fight AIDS info resides. Here to the rescue, our Dining Out for Life Social Roundup! Read on for your fully informative guide to tweeting, Facebooking, and Googling your way to Dining Out for Life.

Of course we're on Facebook as The Damien Center (, which is the central clearinghouse for all things Damien, including Dining Out. Here, you'll find updates on where to dine out on April 25, restaurant pics and links, maybe a contest or two as the event nears, sponsor updates (we ♥ our sponsors!), and so much more. RSVP to our Dining Out for Life Indianapolis Facebook event and share it with friends to spread the word and fill those restaurants. You also can find Dining Out for Life International at home on Facebook (, which is where you'll find updates from 60 cities who participate in Dining Out each year. The Dining Out for Life International Facebook event is a cool place to go and see how many people are participating from around the country. 

Find us on Twitter at @DamienCenter and look for the hashtag #DOFLIndy for Dining Out posts. Dining Out for Life International is also on Twitter at @DineOut4Life and posts updates from participating cities, our international spokespeople (@LoveMondoTrasho, @PamGrier, @ChopTedAllen, and @La_Daisy) and international sponsor @subaru_usa.

We've got our own Damien Center website with a dedicated Dining Out for Life area, but we'd also like to direct your attention to Dining Out for Life International's website, which is full of bells and whistles. Don't worry, you can find all the information about the event, restaurants, sponsors, volunteers, and more on our website, but Dining Out for Life International has some cool features that make it easy and fun to find participating restaurants near you and learn about the event. Plus, the International site works great on a smart phone, so when you're out and about on April 25, it'll be a piece of cake to find your next Dining Out hot spot. 

You didn't think we'd miss out an opportunity to post food pics, did you? Check us out the wildly popular Pinterest, paying close attention to our Dining Out for Life board. Pretty pictures. Delicious food. Fun clothes. That's all, folks!

So, are you going to help us spread the word? There are lots of ways to help, whether through one of these channels or something we haven't even thought of yet! Keep us on your calendar for April 25. Dine out, fight AIDS!