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May 30, 2013

Do you need to get linked?

Are you HIV+ and haven't seen your HIV doctor in a year or more? Or maybe you know someone who is HIV+ who hasn't seen their HIV doctor in a year or more? A new program at The Damien Center is here to help.

The Linkage to Care (L2C) Program is designed to reconnect HIV+ individuals with the care they need to get and stay healthy as they manage their disease. The program also targets newly diagnosed HIV+ individuals who need support as they navigate their new experience. The goal of L2C? We're working to eliminate barriers to care and support, get more HIV+ individuals into care, and reduce our community viral load as a result. The overall outcome is a healthier community!

L2C staff can help with:
  • Gathering documents needed to get free or reduced-price insurance coverage. Need help getting your INET statement? A new state ID?
  • Providing transportation to appointments
  • Attending doctor's appointments with you
  • Understanding your doctor's recommendations
  • Childcare during appointments
  • Understanding your medication and how to take it
  • Reminder calls to take your medication
  • Accessing community resources (food, housing, utility assistance, etc.)
  • Understanding your HIV diagnosis
There is no cost for Linkage to Care services! If you are HIV+, you can automatically access all of our services. Please contact us today to get linked with the care you need.

Visit or contact:
Abbe Shapiro, Linkage to Care Program Manager or 317.632.0123 ext. 263
Call or text 317.296.3687