May 15, 2015

Three easy ways to give that don't cost you anything: Part 2

We began our series about easy ways to give back to The Damien Center talking about the EqualityCard™, a VISA credit card that donates to us each time you swipe. Today, let's talk about Kroger Community Rewards®!

Whether you're a weekly grocery shopper, last-minute party planner, or just occasional Kroger customer, your purchases can support The Damien Center each and every time you swipe your Kroger Plus Card. Through Kroger Community Rewards®, Kroger is giving back to the organizations like The Damien Center, which means all you have to do is link your existing Kroger Plus Card to The Damien Center.

If you already have a Kroger Plus Card, visit to link your existing card to The Damien Center as your nonprofit of choice. Don't have a Kroger card? No problem. Sign up for one and designate The Damien Center to recieve your community rewards at

Kroger Community Rewards® makes fundraising easy...all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card! In the first quarter of 2015, The Damien Center received $1,500 from this program, and we hope to see that number grow!

Happy shopping!