April 25, 2020Special Events

Virtual Deborah J. Simon Spotlight Indy 2020


The show must go on

Our friends at the Indiana AIDS Fund are hosting this year's Deborah J. Simon Spotlight virtually to help close gaps in funding and continue to support the community. Because there is no in-person event this year, Spotlight is looking to fill a $55,000 gap and you can help achieve this! Here's how you can help: 

OPTION 1: “Buy” the ticket or tickets you would have purchased. Click here to make a donation that allows HIV prevention and treatment as prevention programs for Hoosiers to continue and moves us closer to an HIV free Indiana by 2030. 

OPTION 2: “Buy” the ticket or tickets you would have purchased by check. Make your check payable to Indiana AIDS Fund and mail to: Indiana AIDS Fund, 429 East Vermont Street, Suite 300, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202. “Buy” as many as you wish. 

OPTION 3: “Join us” at your convenience on Monday, April 27, 2020. Spotlight will host a virtual Deborah J. Simon Spotlight day on the event’s Facebook page or on this event page to celebrate our mission, supporters, and all the people who play an active role to end HIV. We will also put a well-deserved “Spotlight” on the Central Indiana artists who enhance our lives and donate their talent to the event. 

Check out the event's Facebook page for all performances an updates. Thank you for supporting the Indiana AIDS Fund and the Damien Center through this trying time! 

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