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Jul 16, 2015

Top 5 reasons to be a Grande Masquerade Table Captain

First things first, what's a Grande Masquerade Table Captain? It's super simple, and it's a great way to take your support for The Damien Center and Grande Masquerade up a notch. All it means to be a Table Captain is that you'll help us fill a table of 10 people for Indy's most swingin' party, Grande Masquerade: Gatsby Style. That means that when you show up for the fun on October 17, nine of your closest friends will be there with you, supporting The Damien Center. Triple win.

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Jul 08, 2015

2015 Grande Masquerade tickets on sale now!

We'll get right to it: Grande Masquerade tickets went on sale today! Ready to get your seat(s) reserved? Purchase tickets online any time or give us a call at 317.632.0123 ext. 236 or ext. 269 to purchase via phone.

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Jul 01, 2015

The Damien Center is now a tobacco-free campus!

The Damien Center is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment and promoting the healh and wellbeing of both our clients and employees. To support this commitment, we recently introduced a new Tobacco-Free Campus Policy prohibiting the use of tobacco or tobacco-like products (examples include but are not limited...

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Jun 24, 2015

HIV and Dating: My Experience

Dating today can be hard on everyone – even without HIV involved. Larmarques shares how HIV status has impacted his experience.

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Jun 12, 2015

How do you know if you’re at risk for contracting HIV?

No matter your age, gender, sexual orientation, or race, here’s something important to know about HIV: it does not discriminate. HIV can and does affect all different types of people, so how do you know if you’re putting yourself at risk for contracting HIV? Read on to find out.

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Jun 03, 2015

Three easy ways to give that don't cost you anything: Part 3

The final installment of our series on easy ways to give back is here, and it's ready to rock your online shopping - trust us. First, we talked about the EqualityCard™ Visa, which is a standard credit card that gives back to The Damien Center every time you use it. In...

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May 27, 2015

Spring blooms await at the Fourth Annual Garden Party

This Saturday, May 30, Paul Pickett and William Powell will once again open their home and lush spring gardens to us in support of The Damien Center through the Fourth Annual Garden Party. We hope you will join us for what is sure to be a lovely day and an...

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May 15, 2015

Three easy ways to give that don't cost you anything: Part 2

We began our series about easy ways to give back to The Damien Center talking about the EqualityCard™, a VISA credit card that donates to us each time you swipe. Today, let's talk about Kroger Community Rewards®!

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