The Damien Center, Damien Cares, and Walgreens will be closed on May 27, 2019 in observance of Memorial Day. Normal hours to resume on May 28, 2019. 

Popular Opinion Leader

In the fight against HIV, The Damien Center is a local and national leader. It has welcomed innovation, growth and leadership by creating and expanding services to improve both individual and community health. The Damien Center’s comprehensive, one-stop-shop approach to HIV/AIDS care and prevention reduces the amount of HIV in the body as well as improves the immune system. Our programs speak for themselves when it comes to showing support and passion for meeting the needs of the community, and The Damien Center’s new Popular Opinion Leader (POL) program continues to represent that.

This program’s approach to HIV/AIDS prevention is a little different than what has been done before. We believe the best way to prevent HIV and AIDS is by inviting key people – community members and leaders like yourself- to attend two informational education sessions. Because you are already respected by your friends, they probably turn to you for advice, value your opinions, and may even model their behavior after yours. By updating you on the latest information on prevention, you will be able to give accurate, expert advice to others and perhaps save some lives. Our POLs are community members from a variety of cultures, races, organizations, and social groups that are trained to become influencers to those around them. Once trained, POL’s promote risk reduction measures such as: periodic HIV/STI testing, condom use, and PrEP.

If you would like to become a POL or have any questions about our education services, please reach out to Robert Kellman, Outreach Coordinator, at or 317-632-0123 x253.