LGBTQ+ Needs Assessment Results

LGBTQ+ Needs assessment results

Gathering Community Input

Launched at the beginning of Pride Month 2020 in Indianapolis, the report identifies critical needs, opportunities for improvement, and gaps in available services that presently exist for persons who identify as LGBTQ+ in the Greater Indianapolis area.

While a variety of needs emerged, the majority of survey participants said access to healthcare and mental healthcare, youth support, and hate crime protections ranked as the most important issues needing to be addressed. The report also underscores the importance of creating an LGBTQ+ community center located in Indianapolis.

“LGBTQ+ people face discrimination on multiple fronts and may often lack the needed resources to overcome barriers to achieving success.,” explained Alan Witchey, president and CEO of Damien Center. “The findings showed a critical need to decrease health inequities and under and unemployment, while increasing educational attainment, basic needs, and social connectedness.”


individuals filled out the survey


of respondents live within marion county

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Greatest areas of need

  • Mental Health

    97% of respondents identified access to LGBTQ+ mental health counseling as extremely important.
    95% of respondents identified that the availability of LGBTQ+ specific mental health providers is important.

  • healthcare

    96% of individuals believe the community needs better access to LGBTQ+ sensitive healthcare.
    95% said that addressed healthcare inequalities related to the LGBTQ+ population is a priority. 
    92% identified a need for increased availability of LGBTQ+ specific healthcare providers.

  • Youth support

    97% of respondents identified that ensuring schools are safe for LGBTQ+ youth as extremely important.
    96% want to address the high numbers of LGBTQ+ youth homelessness. 
    94% believe we should ensure parents have information to support LGBTQ+ youth. 

  • legal protection

    94% of respondents identified the need for hate crime protections for LGBTQ+ people as extremely important. 


The community partners who paricipated in this project encourage the reproduction or distribution of this report, in whole or in part, provided that it is done so with proper citation.

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Thank you to all fo the Central Indiana-based organizations whose efforts were critical in gathering community input through the LGBTQ+ Community Needs Asessment survey in early 2020. The continued collaboration and leadership of these community partners and many others will pave the way toward bringing the vision of an LGBTQ+ Community Center in Indianapolis to life.

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