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Sponsor Show Teen Damien is a peer education program that was launched in late 2010. We teach young people ages 13-24 about the dangers of HIV and STDs, and we help them become their own advocates.

In general, Teen Damien offers:
  • Peer Educator Trainings
  • HIV/STD Presentations
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • HIV/STD Testing at Your Location
  • Youth Advisory Council
Peer Educator trainings are scheduled regularly and are a requirement for all of our peer educators. Trainings will not only equip our peer educators with knowledge about HIV and testing, but also with the presentation skills they will need to effectively communicate with their peers.

Our peer educators are happy to give a presentation to your own group of young people! Our presentations will educate your group about HIV and STDs, risk reduction methods, as well as the types of testing and the importance of testing. These important topics will drive points home through activities, lectures, discussions, and hands-on demonstrations. These presentations give youth a safe environment where they can discuss their feelings about sex, sexuality, and HIV/AIDS.

Our Youth Advisory Council is an elected panel of young people that help make decisions about how Teen Damien will help educate the community about HIV, STDs, and testing.

For more information, to schedule a presentation, or to schedule HIV/STD testing at your location, please contact Rashida Walker at 317-632-0123 x273 or at