Is it time that you got tested for HIV? Been putting it off week after week? HIV testing at The Damien Center is fast, free, and painless. Want to learn more? Here's what you need to know:

Before we show you how easy it is, you should know the main risk factors for HIV. If you have...

  • Had unprotected sex
  • Had sex with multiple partners
  • Exchanged sex for drugs or money
  • Shared injection drug using equipment
  • Had sex with an HIV+ person

Answer yes to any of these? You should get tested for HIV. The good news? It's easy. Here's what to expect:


The Test

The Damien Center uses an oral swab to test for HIV - it's easier than brushing your teeth! You'll hold the swab in your mouth for a short period of time, and you're done.

What It Isn't:

No Needles
No Needles
No Blood
No Blood
No Procedure
No Procedure
No Machines/Device
No Machines/Device
Not Invasive
No Invasive

The Lab

Your swab is quickly analyzed for HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies - these are produced by the body to fight off harmful viruses, like HIV.

How Long? 20 Minutes. That's faster than:

A TV Show
A TV Show
Pizza Delivery
Pizza Delivery
A Haircut
A Haircut

The Results

In just 20 minutes, our certified testing staff will have your result ready and discuss your results with you. You can be confident in the results, which are more than 99% accurate. Our testing staff can answer any questions you may have or provide information on additional resources available to you.
20 Minutes
99% Accuracy

What Happens Next?

Test Negative?

  1. Take advantage of our in-house, free STI testing.
  2. Learn ways to prevent the spread of HIV.

Test Positive?

  1. Confirm results with a blood draw.
  2. Connect with Linkage To Care Staff who will explain the next steps and necessary resources for medical care, care coordination, intake appointments, and more.

Fight Stigma. Know Your Status. Get Tested Today!

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