Damien Cares Clinic

The Damien Center ClinicDamien Cares is a new clinic offering individuals living with HIV in central Indiana access to infectious disease care and primary care. The clinic will also offer PrEP and PEP for those at substantial risk for contracting HIV. 

Damien Center's partnership with Damien Cares enables us to address both the medical and supportive services needs of our patients, a key factor in ensuring that they are able to work toward self-sufficiency.

Utilizing Damien Cares provides an opportunity for patients to work with a team of professionals who will support health and well-being in a holistic approach. All staff members are trained professionals who are committed to ensuring that each patient's needs are met. 

Interested in receiving medical care at Damien Cares? Please contact Damien Cares at 317.423.0130 to set up an appointment.

To see Damien Cares Notice of Private Practice, click here.