How Do I Access Care?

Our Linkage to Care program is the first connection to care for anyone interested in accessing services at Damien Center, which includes:

  • People who are newly diagnosed with HIV and need to get connected to care
  • People who are HIV+ and want help getting back into care
  • People who are HIV+, recently moved to the greater Indianapolis area, and need to get connected to care
  • People who are HIV+ and want to transfer their care to Damien Center
  • Previous patients of Damien Center who want to reactivate services with us

Our Linkage to Care team will complete a quick phone or face-to-face assessment and get you connected to care. No appointment needed. Please call or email us today!

To get linked to care, simply contact the Linkage to Care team at 317.632.0123 ext. 252.

Linkage to Care

Linkage to Care provides people living with HIV in the greater Indianapolis area an extra level of individualized, one-on-one support so they can successfully access and stay in medical care and supportive services. 

Care Coordination

Our Care Coordinators provide specialty case management for people affected by or infected with HIV. A Care Coordinator will help you access medical care, housing support, and other services and programs we offer.